Outpost Of Progress On Flyflewradio – New Monday Group

Playlist #darkhitmixffr 10.09.2020 at 21:00 CET 🕘

21:03 Empyres “Enter The Void”
21:07 Valcata “Escalade”
21:09 Matthias ft. Mark Bebb “Hold Me”
21:13 The Quinsy “Трупы (Trupy)”
21:17 GoFight “Clones”
21:23 Devoted BJ “Magic Dream”
21:28 Minuit Machine “Forgive Me For My Sins”
21:31 Outpost Of Progress “No More (DM Cover)”
21:34 Humans Can’t Reboot “Fading (Narconic RMX)”
21:40 Covered in Snow “Angst”
21:45 Humanist ft. Dave Gahan “Shock Collar”
21:49 DomeniQus Music “Der Puls”
21:52 Blinky Blinky Computerband “Was Is(s)t Europa?”
21:57 FrozenPlasma “Almond Flowers 2020”
22:03 Seasurfer ft. Apolonia “Lovers Breakdown (On A Lovely Day)”
22:07 Vila “Oceanside”
22:12 Sea of Sin “Unspoken Words”
22:17 digital ENERGY “Path”
22:21 Helalyn Flowers “Tetrachromatic (Mental Exile Green RMX)”
22:25 Reality’s Despair “Abduction”
22:30 Hidden Souls – ARG “Silence (Angelus Mysteria RMX)”
22:35 PORN “Abstinent Killer”
22:41 Blank “Thanatosis (Single Version)”
22:46 Plastic Autumn (official) “No More Lies”
22:50 The Beloved “Surprise Me”
22:53 Inception Of Eternity “Ashes to Ashes”
22:57 XTR HUMAN “On A Greater Scale”
23:01 HAVSCHILD ft. Jana Frymark “Unterwegs”
23:04 Combichrist “Hate Like Me”
23:08 Shadoworld “A Place Called Home”
23:12 Dedalos ft. D33B “LVST HOVRS”
23:17 SOMAN “Bace”
23:21 Perpacity “You Said”
23:25 Caustic Grip “To Look At You”
23:29 Martin Neuhold “Klangpoesie”
23:32 SubClass “Forest Night”
23:36 Eric C. Powell “Waiting For The Time”
23:40 Daniel Biscan “Lichter”
23:44 Dass “Cinzas E Dor”
23:50 Church of Trees “Head on the Wall”
23:53 Raven Said “Fields Of Frost”
23:58 Raskolnikov “Faut Pas Faire Chier Albert Roche”