Outpost Of Progress On Flyflewradio – DARK HIT MIX

The newest songs of the “Dark Scene”! 🎵
3 hours music NON-STOP !!! 💥

Gothic, Industrial, Metal, EBR, NDH, NDT, Pagan, New Wave, Dark Wave, EBM, Futurepop, Synthpop, Ambient, Dark Electro, Shoegaze, Post Punk and many more…

Playlist #darkhitmixffr 2019-10-10 🕘PM(CET)
21:02 Marc Vanderberg “Odin’s Words”
21:06 TOAL “Time for a Change”
21:10 L’Âme Immortelle “Fear”
21:14 WISBORG “Blood Is Life”
21:19 OXIC Inc. “Savior”
21:22 digital ENERGY “Aftermath”
21:25 Stalingrad Valkyrie “Prayer Detector”
21:29 strehmann “Kaufrausch”
21:34 The Violent Youth “By Your Side”
21:38 Outpost Of Progress “On The Heights Of Despair”
21:41 Neustrohm “MDK”
21:44 Consvmer. “Melancholie”
21:48 Helix “Liseberg”
21:54 CYTO “You”
21:57 Gerd Hall “Days Gone By”
22:01 Mills “Vater (… Unser)”
22:05 Mongol “Dschinghis Khan”
22:08 Paul McCartney “I Don’t Know”
22:12 Michele Villetti “The Genius”
22:16 Heldmaschine “Springt!”
22:20 Harmjoy “We Could Go On”
22:25 NINA “The Calm Before The Storm”
22:29 Bragolin “Into Those Woods”
22:32 Patenbrigade: Wolff “Follow Me”
22:35 Data Fragments “Falsifies The Fact”
22:40 District 13 “The Pain In Me”
22:44 Red Entries “In Dreams”
22:48 Vuduvox “Berlin (Pankow “Панков” Mastering)”
22:53 Morrow “It Pours When It Rains” (Arenberg Records)
22:57 Pro Patria – the band “Oppression (31st Anniversary Mix)”
23:02 LEDING “Nobody Home”
23:06 MONO INC. “A Vagabond’s Life (feat. Eric Fish)”
23:10 Angel-Maker “Hope Song”
23:14 Silencer “Meine Dunkelheit”
23:18 Kasper Hate “Numb”
23:22 Am Tierpark “Calling Your Name”
23:26 Jennifer Touch “Chemistry”
23:31 Winterhart “Warriors Of The World”
23:37 Rammstein “DEUTSCHLAND”
23:42 IC3PEAK “Skazka”
23:45 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience “Upset Karma (ft. Elena Alice Fossi)”
23:50 Peter Heppner “Was bleibt (feat. Joachim Witt)”
23:54 Gary Numan Official “Broken”